Apple Macbook Pro Battery Won't charge, Battery Not Charging

I have a Apple Macbook Pro Model 2010 Mid, I had not worked on or charged it in about two to three months. I decided I was to take it to a local mobile game and app developers Meetup, so i placed it on the charger in the morning before I left for work.

When I turned on the computer the computer informed me that my date and time was set to the year 2000 ( The computer must have been completely dead because to have lost my settings for date and time ).

I then noticed that the battery still indicated that it had 0% charged and that it was running on the power cord.

A call to Apple support helped me figure out the problem:

The light on the cord plugged into the computer is GREEN ( meaning fully charged )
When the computer is turned on the battery status still indicates that it had 0% charged and that it was running on the power cord.

Issue ( the computer system no longer seem that it has a batter in the computer )

Resolution: Perform a System Reset or recycle:
Shut the apple computer down ( do not put it to sleep, it needs to be a full shut down )
While still shut down and plugged up to the charger, on the keyboard hold down the following 3 keys ( SHIFT, CTRL, OPTION)  while holding these keys down also press and hold the Power  button ( continue to hold all keys and power button for about 15 to 20 seconds ). Release all of the keys and the Power button at the same time. 

After you have completed this, turn your computer back on. After it boots up give it a couple minuets to finish and look at the light on your cord, the light should switch to amber and the batter indicator should indicate the number of hours and minuets that it will take to charge ( like 2:30 ) or it could say something like calculating charge time,

Either one should be indicate that you are good to go. Just leave it on the charger for a few hours and you should be good to go.

If that does not fix it.  Call Apple :)

Good Luck,

Deploying Apps to your Windows 8 RT Device

Deploying apps to your Windows 8 RT Device

NOTE: In order to deploy to a remote RT device "Wirelessly' you need to be on the same WIFI connection where Visual Studio can open some ports and talk to the device. If your router or firewall is blocking the ports then you need to use a USB Adapter.

To deploy your apps to a Windows RT device for testing you first need to download the Remote Tools for Visual Studio onto your actual Windows RT Device.

NOTE: you download this application on your Windows RT Device with the Web Browser on that device

There are two version to choose from.

Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2013

Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

Click the download link button and you will see a screen that will list 3 different files for the differnent type of chipsets, find your version based on your device and download it.



rtools_setup_x86.exe - this was mine

After you download the application, install it.

(This is a desktop application that runs on your windows rt device and links to visual studio through your local WIFI. Some ports are opened and there is some handshaking that goes on when you are using it together with visual studio on your desktop computer)

Now that the application is installed on your Windows RT Device, find it listed in your application and Executed it, the name of the application is called Remote Debugger.

When the application starts a window will appear and should show you the name of the device.

There is nothing else on the device you need to do, just let the application on device continue to run.

The application is basically a monitor and transport agent for visual studio.

Now back in Visual Studio you need to switch the application run to Remote Device instead of Local Machine

If the application compiles and executes just fine then your application should be automatically transferred to you RT Device remotely over your WIFI. Depending on the Size of the Application it may take several minuets to transfer.

You can also use the USB plug to do the same thing.